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Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) Overview

  • Overview
  • Learning Objectives
  • ACO Overview Pre-Test
  • Table of Contents
  • What is an ACO
  • ACO Programs at CMS
  • MSSP Program Participation Information
  • Shared Savings Program ACO Participation Options
  • Payment Models
  • How Quality Factors In
  • Annual Certification Process
  • The Triple Aim
  • Annual ACO Performance
  • Quality Measure Tracking
  • Quality Reporting
  • Payments and Losses
  • Summary
  • Credits
  • ACO Overview Post-Test
  • Post-Course Evaluation
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Overview, Learning Objectives, ACO Overview Pre-Test, What is an ACO, ACO Programs at CMS, MSSP Program Participation Information, Shared Savings Program ACO Participation Options, Payment Models, How Quality Factors In, Annual Certification Process, The Triple Aim, Annual ACO Performance, Quality Measure Tracking, Quality Reporting, Payments and Losses, Summary, Credits, ACO Overview Post-Test"